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Pop Ups: Smith + Butler Moves Into Moscot

Smith + Butler. Photo via Refinery29

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Moscot, the longstanding LES eyewear purveyor on Orchard and Delancey, has a history of flirting with pop-up shops. Last year, they took up residence in Earnest Sewn MePa's back room for about a month; in 2007, the retailer played host to indie label Slow & Steady Wins the Race's temporary store.

Tomorrow, Moscot welcomes a new guest: Brooklyn boutique Smith + Butler. The pop-up, which will be open for about a month, will house an edited selection of rugged workwear from lines like Belstaff, Red Wing, Levi's, Pendleton, Jack Spade, and Barbour. How convenient for hard-working LESers, or more realistically, for downtowners who just want to look like rough mountain men.
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Smith & Butler

225 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 718-855-4295 Visit Website