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In the Window: It's Raining Nova Check at Burberry

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Perhaps in honor of their taking over the old New York marquee atop 444 Madison Avenue, Burberry has swathed their East 57th Street boutique windows in their trademark Nova Check. That's right, it's not plaid, but a check, and a damned expensive one at that.

The solid use of black and white in the windows combined with the nova pattern creates something of a Burberry camouflage; one has to walk right up to the window to even be able to tell the smaller products featured.

Nonetheless, these mannequins cannot escape their graphic jail, with the check dominating everything from umbrellas to silver necklace links. Just as an astute Gawker commenter observed yesterday, Burberry's new motto could be along the lines of "Nova Check yourself, lest you should wreck yourself."
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