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Hangover Observations: Grape Vodka and Genevieve Jones Draw Crowds at La Perla

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Last night, the curvy burgundy interior of the La Perla store on West 14th Street was so packed with partygoers that it was hard to get to the lingerie. Towards the front, socialite and jewelry designer Genevieve Jones hung out near a display of her fall '09 collection, wearing a spangled jacket that echoed the chunky stones in her rings. Farther back, the walls were hung with La Perla's line of lacy underthings for spring, all pretty, sophisticated, and, for the evening, 25% off. We didn't see many women shopping. Everyone seemed much more interested in schmoozing, checking out each other's (generally fabulous) outfits, and cautiously exploring the grape-flavored Skyy vodka, which smelled like hungover Welch's. But even if they didn't move too many bustiers, La Perla did manage to assemble a good crowd—the people-watching was top-notch.
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