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Lineblogging: The Hermès Madness Begins

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Rejoice scarfies: This morning brings the opening of the legendary Hermès sample sale, where lovers of luxury accessories typically wait for up to four hours for a crack at fancy adornments at cut-rate prices. Will the "R" word thin the crowds a bit this time? A Racked correspondent is on the scene; stay tuned to find out.

8:55am: I just got here (traffic!). It's insane. At least, at least, a few hundred people. The first woman in line got here at 6am.

9:03am: Mostly women waiting out here, but I have seen the occasional dapper man. Line doesn't appear to be wrapped around the block yet—definitely a smaller turnout than last time. Line just began moving!

9:04am: False alarm: Line has stopped moving. Someone's here handing out fliers for the Stark carpet sale. Yes, moving again. The wait might not be that bad this time.

9:08am: My neighbors in line all appear to be Japanese. People behind me are speaking it, and woman in front of me is reading a book in either Chinese or Japanese.

9:11am: See at least one older businessman-looking type in a suit. Immediately start imagining that he's a laid-off banker who pretends to his family that he's going to work every day, only to scour sample sales.

9:13am: The line is actually moving pretty swiftly.

9:20am: The queue behind me is now like 50 people and seems to be growing. Don't see anyone coming out yet with bags.

9:24am: I'm in! And waiting in the lobby. This has to be a record.

9:26am: They're letting in 10 people at a time. Once you're in, you wait in the lobby, then apparently wait upstairs, and it sounds like there might be one more wait after it. At least it's warmer this way.

9:28am: In a new line upstairs. They're getting everyone to throw out their coffee, then letting us in five at a time. This is a well-oiled machine.

9:32am: I'm finally, finally in. They've got the tie and scarf bar set up, as usual. Ties, normally $170, are $98. Of course, limit ten per customer. Twill and print scarves, normally $375, are $225. They're also enforcing the 10-per-customer limit on the scarves.

Check back for more pricing information, and photos from inside the sale.