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Top O' the Afternoon: Inside Topshop's Giveaway Bag

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British import Topshop is handing out free bags in Washington Square Park as we speak, and one just sailed into Racked HQ. Like the giveaways on Monday in Union Square, these consist of a flimsy tote containing a catalog and a water bottle labeled "Every 'body' loves Topshop," all geared towards making the citizens of New York excited about the store's launch April 2.

Inside the catalog, we found promises of "complimentary beauty treatments, sweets, and special guest DJs" on opening day, plus free t-shirts and roving Topshop style advisers over the following weekend. There's a mini-essay about the importance of Topshop (as if they had to tell us), an alphabet of Topshop facts ("G is for gift cards") and a plethora of big, colorful photos. That sudden onset of giddiness? Evidence that the marketing effort is paying off.
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