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Racked Mailbag: Rogan Outlet Field Trip

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Once in a while, we pull letters from the Racked Inbox and post them for your enjoyment and/or enlightenment. Want to contribute? We're listening. Anonymity always assured.

We'd heard whispers of it before, but a reader emails to confirm the existence of the mythical Long Island Rogan Outlet. The report:

"Ok, so about a year ago I stumbled upon an amazing find—a Rogan and Loomstate sample sale at their warehouse located out here on Long Island. This was amazing luck for me because well, I live out here and these are two of my favorite brands in existence.

Last week, I got an e-mail that they were having a sample sale and during my treasure hunt I uncovered a plethora of what I would consider 'vintage' Rogan tees. I'm talking great finds stuff from the '03/'04 season. The best part—the t-shirts were only $10!!!

The Loomstate shirts/jeans were pretty great as well! Some of the items were never produced samples, but a lot of them are in perfect condition, varying sizes and were just overstock.

Anyway, I'm writing because I just got an e-mail saying that they'll be having an ongoing sample sale. I realize that it's on Long Island, but the warehouse isn't far from the Ronkonkoma LIRR, near the Islip airport. Anyway, I'm just trying to spread the love, because if you like these brands it's definitely worth the trip!!!

If driving or taking the LIRR out to Long Island doesn't dissuade you, pricing is as follows: jeans and pants start at $40, shorts and skirts at $15, tees at $10, bags and hats at $10, sweatshirts at $30, and jackets at $80. The hours are Monday through Friday 10 to 5pm, and the address is 180 Orville Drive, Suite 100, Bohemia, NY. And if you go, kindly report back on your findings.


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