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Dressing Britney

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Yesterday, the design team behind label Dsquared talked to Times blog The Moment about creating costumes for Britney Spears for her "Circus" tour. They take pains to dispel any diva rumors. On Britney's style: "She’s easy. It’s not that she didn’t have an opinion, but sometimes it’s difficult when an artist has a strong opinion, because maybe you disagree with their opinion...She asked us, 'Well, what do you think?' or, 'You like it like this?' And then we would explain, 'Yeah, this looks great like this' or, 'The pants should fit a little higher.' The look is a little bit more ’50s, a little bit more retro than what Britney usually wears. We explained to her how certain fits can elongate your body. She is great listener and very open to direction." [Moment]