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RackedWire: Umbros Return on the Lower East Side; Alife Seeks Interns

British designer Aitor Throup, jersey mastermind, considers the Umbro
British designer Aitor Throup, jersey mastermind, considers the Umbro

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Remember Umbros, those checker-print soccer shorts that were hugely popular with tween boys in the early '90s? They're back! Or at least they're trying to come back via a complicated and closely protected scheme to create jerseys for the English national soccer team. Said jerseys are designed to reflect the bodies of athletes in motion and are precisely tailored to team members' torsos, bespoke-style. (Don't worry, we won't judge you if you you just added "David Beckham's personal Umbro jersey tailor" to your list of dream jobs.) Up until now, they've never been seen by anyone outside the Umbro universe, but this Friday evening they'll be unveiled at the Reed Space at 151 Orchard St between Rivington and Stanton. [Racked Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Speaking of that part of town, Alife is looking for design interns. If you are creative, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, and available for the next three to six months, email with a link to your portfolio. [Racked Inbox]