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In their spring fashion issue, Time Out asked J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons and head of men's design Frank Muytjens to discuss some recent trends. On "ripped up jeans that cost a fortune": "Lyons: I love them, and I hate them. I love the look and understand that not everyone has the time or the creativity to make them look that way. But I hate that the store-bought ones cost a fortune. Muytjens: I like the idea of them. I wear unwashed jeans and break them in myself. When you buy jeans, they’re so rigid, but you wear them throughout the years, and they become yours; they mold to your body, and they fade on their own. When you earn it, it’s real and it’s genuine." Note: J.Crew does sell worn-in jeans, but they're only slightly ripped up and don't exactly cost a fortune. [TONY]