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Now Open: Inside Inven.tory's New Soho Warehouse

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[Photos via Will Femia]

These days, it seems that everywhere you turn stores are closing. But Inven.tory, a Nolita newbie opened by a young group of fashion-minded folks, has proven so popular that they've opened a second, massive outpost on the edge of Soho. Their concept: sell clothing and accessories from a range of indie and up-and-coming designers at wholesale prices. It's like a fashionable outlet, where shoppers can browse wares from more than 25 designers including lines like Wren, Chris & Jaime and Idol Radec.

The boutique, housed in a massive raw space that was formerly home to a tool bit manufacturer, has an industrial feel. The store's owners have left the bones of the place intact, and placed moveable racks of clothing and lightweight displays around the room, so the look of the store can be easily customized (the cashwrap is cleverly constructed from plywood and corrugated cardboard). Currently, the shop is home to a Cheap Monday denim installation, and they're planning another brand collaboration in July with the menswear designers of Commune. Just another reason to stop by (as if you needed another reason).


237 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012