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Fishs Eddy Serves Their Sale on a Platter of Humor

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Thank goodness for store owners with a sense of humor; we haven't been so randomly delighted since spotting the regularly-updated Rogan sign on the Bowery. Famous for their diner-standard checkerboard dinnerware as well as the more novelty New York skyline and floorplan patterns, Fishs Eddy on Broadway and West 19th Street is a paradise for those obsessed with table settings. Perhaps to prep for spring and summer dinner parties or just to clean out the cupboards, they're running a sale on glassware, flatware and the aforementioned checkerboard fun. What's our favorite sign? It has got to be "a forkin' great deal," because it's just as goofy as it is true.
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Fishs Eddy

889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website