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RackedWire: Jean Shop Revamps Its Old-School Website; Did Barneys and APC Get Divorced?

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Image via <a href="">Jean Shop</a>
Image via Jean Shop

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THE INTERNET—Way back in the dog days of summer, A Continuous Lean declared Jean Shop's website "one of the worst things I have ever seen." Maybe the denim brand took the critique to heart, because they just relaunched and added a web shop. Or maybe not—is that font Comic Sans? [Jean Shop]

THE INTERNET— A tipster writes in with a puzzling APC-related incident on the Barneys website: "Not sure if this is related to all the Barneys-deathwatch talk, but I had bookmarked several APC pieces on the Barneys website only to have them no longer working this morning. Upon further inspection this evening, Barneys has removed all APC items from its site as well as the brand name from its designers list. All of the items were Spring 2009, so I'm not sure if this is the result of a problem from the side of Barneys, APC, or both. Of course, if this is just some sort of site re-arrangement and the items are restored tomorrow, I'll look like a dunce..." For what it's worth, we got this email last night, and APC definitely has not returned to the site since then. [Racked Inbox]