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Lineblogging: Uniqlo Debuts Spring Collabs; Tumbleweeds Roll By

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Today's the day Japanese brand Uniqlo begins selling two of its collaborations for spring: A line of womenswear from all-American designer Steven Alan's, and a line of menswear from the superhipsters at Opening Ceremony. We've got a correspondent documenting the scene; stick around for updates.

9:37am: Line is puny.

9:39am: Ahead of me: Three chicks and a guy.

9:41am: They're doing a press preview inside. Attendance looks sparse. I see waiters with trays of full champagne flutes.

9:45am: The guy from Opening Ceremony just walked in. He had this greaser look going on: Leather jacket; rolled, faded jeans; big boots. The press preview must be letting out because I'm seeing people coming out with bags—they look like they each have about one item. There are now ten people in line, by the way.

9:48am: Line is now at eleven: Five guys and six girls. There's a dude taking pictures of us—maybe a blogger?

9:53am: They're letting us in early. It's sort of confusing in here. Where are the women's clothes?

9:56am: The Steven Alan prices are all pretty reasonable. For $39.50, you can get a tank top, a sleeveless striped cotton dress, a sleeveless shirt, or a button-down. For $49.50, you can buy a shirt-dress, a short-sleeved dress, or an apron dress. The most expensive things here are the dresses and romper for $59.50.

9:58am: The Opening Ceremony menwear section has more going on—men seem to be snapping stuff up. Linen pants are $39.50, button-downs in this cool neon plaid are $49.50, and blazers are $79.50. There's also a really interesting khaki jacket with a sort of a cowl neck for $69.50.

Opening Ceremony

35 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-2688 Visit Website

Uniqlo - Soho

546 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website