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Steven Alan & Opening Ceremony's Uniqlo Lines Not Half Bad

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There's so much discussion these days about pricing: what's appropriate, what's too high, what's a steal. One of the most appealing things about the Steven Alan and Opening Ceremony collections for Uniqlo is that the cost per garment truly seems reasonable. A lightweight, summery little SA button-down shirt is $39.50—right in line with, say, Gap's pricing. Other warm-weather basics, like khaki dresses and rompers maxed out at $59.50. For a piece of SA, that's a steal. Opening Ceremony's menswear was similarly budget-friendly, with button-downs for $49.50 and pants for $39.50.

The few shoppers that turned out for this morning's launch looked pleased, especially the men. We spotted a few guys in line to pay with armfuls of merchandise (the acid-hued plaid shirts appeared to be a big hit). The women we saw browsing were a bit more reserved. Given, it might be impossible to replicate the frenzy of past collaboration efforts (like Wang for Uniqlo) these days. But we do think that despite this morning's lackluster turnout, those racks will be picked over by the end of the week.
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