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J.Crew Sale Rage

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The J.Crew sample sale ends tonight at 8pm. Good riddance, says one commenter: "The samples are pre-production and not made well—and what was the deal with the jewelry people? I was third in line (after one sneaky girl jumped in front of me) and they allowed two girls to stand there and take all the jewelry—"I want this, this, this and that"—so nothing was left for my turn. When I asked them to restock from bins right next to them in full eye range they said no. And the Clothingline people are out of CONTROL. The one dark curly-haired dude/owner is CRAZED! Running around screaming at women for no reason, "Move to the left!" "STOP using mirror from your purse!" This one woman was so rattled she dropped her bag and stormed out saying she was not chattel. Good for you sister! You think they would treat customers with some respect in this economy." [Racked Comments]