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Above the Fray: Kors Is Pretty, Pricey and Private

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On this dreary day there hides a small ray of sunshine on the 4th floor of Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea: the Michael Kors sample sale. Granted, this is the "friends and family preview" day, but we weren't on the list and we got in, didn't we now? The biggest thing this sale has going for it is selection of vibrant spring and summer pieces, mainly from Spring 09 and 08, which may alone convince some to drop dollars.

Nonetheless, a solid 75% off of everything still means Kors' $1,595 dresses are $399, a high price to pay considering factors like the economy and how H&M usually carries knock-offs of this stuff for $19.99 (not that we're advocating a closet of polyester). Thankfully, if you are in the market for a few showier pieces for summer, there's a great selection in all sizes from 0-14 (ok 0 was a little sparse) and if you dig, the $124 plain dresses will pop out after some hard work and take you by happy surprise.

On the flip side, we were turned off by the "Do Not Touch" signs on the middle knitwear table; do they expect the sales associates to help every single eager person tomorrow when the sale opens to the public? Ugh, we wish there were accessories or shoes or anything aside from pricy, pretty frocks. Guess we'll just have to settle for leaving empty-handed.
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