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RackedWire: How Clever Is This Notebook? Plus McQ for Target Spotted in Queens

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Image via Think of The

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EVERYWHERE—The geniuses at Quirk Publishing just put out a notebook with a picture of New York City walls on each page so that when you write or draw in it, you're committing some non-illegal graffiti. Also, the photos look lovely, so it's a nice art object even if you're not an aspiring Banksy. [Think of The]

ELMHURST—Still longing for some Alexander McQueen for Target? You're in luck. Writes a tipster: "There is a ton of McQ at target in queens. Pink tiger stripe dresses, gray denim jackets, blue strapless dresses, trenchcoats, blazers, jumpsuits—I felt like the entire line was there!" [Racked Inbox]