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In the Window: Bleecker Is Going Places

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This last weekend, in the midst of what could be called something of a warm spell, we braved the "Marc Jacobs Mall" of Bleecker Street and rounded the growing Magnolia Bakery line to peek in at the spring windows of the boutiques. While nothing stood out so much as last year's (and the year before) costumed Easter window at MJ, we did notice a theme: transportation.

What is Bleecker Street trying to tell us with Marc's derelict car, Ralph Lauren Women's rusty motorcycle, Ralph Kids' '50s coupe and Jack Spade's plethora of classy bicycles? The easy assumption is that the stores are preparing us for warmer weather and the being outdoors and traveling that comes along with sunny skies. Nonetheless, everyone is scrambling for sales and so we're inclined to believe that they're just bringing out the big, expensive window props to attract shoppers. It's working too, if we are to judge from Saturday's hoards on both sides of Bleecker.
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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

867 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 Visit Website