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Lanvin Letdown: The Sale Just Isn't Happening

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"Maybe they've scattered the pieces throughout. There were only supposed to be 400 items" said one well-dressed woman in line for what she believed to be a one-day-only Lanvin sample sale at 230 Fifth Avenue. Despite a wealth of signage advertising a Rachel Roy sale, many women (and a few men) hopeful for a shot at 70% off the coveted French label waited for hours this morning in the lobby of the building, only to have their dreams dashed when the doors opened at 10am. (Another lady, "My assistant's been standing here since 8am!") Once the crowd realized they had waited around for naught, most just walked out. This morning, Rachel Roy was the ugly stepsister nobody wanted to dance with.

So where did the rumor of this mythical sale begin? On DailyCandy, who sent out a blast about it on Friday. (An hour ago, they twittered that the sale had been 'postponed', but that people should not 'hold their breath'. Way to cover your ass.) But DC isn't the only one to blame; in the days following, the sale was blindly reblogged on countless websites. So the moral of the story here is, call to confirm. Or maybe, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
· Day-Long Lanvin Sample Sale Too Good To Be True? [Racked]


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