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Discontinued: Manny's Makes Sweet Music No More

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And another one bites the dust. Manny's Music, which opened in West 48th Street's "Music Row" in 1935 and proudly calls itself "The Original Music Superstore," will close at the end of May due to the usual issues in this economy. With a history of famous name clients like Charlie Parker, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Eric Clapton and Nirvana, the folding of the shop (even though Sam Ash purchased it in 1999) is sure to inspire a few sullen strums on an old six string.

Nonetheless, Manny's clock has been ticking down for some time, and we'll leave it to Doobybrain to sum up the downturn:

With the onslaught of online sales lately, it’s hard for stores like Manny’s to beat online deals. In fact, physical stores like Manny’s aren’t good for anything except emergency equipment buying. I’m sure at one time, musicians would flock to stores like Manny’s to talk music, hang out, and get advice, but I doubt that atmosphere still exists.
It gets worse, according to MiPro, who claims that rumors abound regarding the expansion of Rockefeller Center into the area, rumors partially verified by the fact that Rockfeller Group delivered the coup de grâce by taking out a 99-year lease on the building last fall. Is the world ready for a 30Rock spinoff next door? Ok, we digress.
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