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Lineblogging: J.Crewaholics Converge in Midtown

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For the second time in two months, a Racked correspondent is journeying into the belly of the J.Crew sample sale at Clothingline in the Garment District. This time, the sale is women's-only. Insanity and discounted cashmere cardigans surely await; stay tuned.

10:39am: There are at least 50 people here. What's interesting is that since it's St. Patrick's Day, there are herds of people dressed in green, wandering the area, possibly drunk. They're not in line for the sample sale, though.

10:43am: In line behind me: not one, not two, but three women in bright yellow pea coats. They seem to have come here together.

10:45am: Probably 15 people have shown up since I got here five minutes ago.

10:49am: Crucial clarification: the yellow pea coats are, in fact, not all pea coats. One may even qualify as a trench. They are, however, all school-bus yellow.

10:59am: In the past twenty minutes, the line has doubled in size.

11:00am: We're moving!

11:03am: Okay, they let a lot of us into the building, but now we're all just waiting in the stairwell. The doors to the sale aren't open yet, so there seems to be a disconnect between the doorman and the sample sale staffers. This has to be a fire hazard.

11:05am: Moving again. And now the line has stopped. Still stuck in the stairwell.

11:15am: Inside. Investigating the dress situation. Dresses are $50, but lightweight beachy ones are $25. It's not super mobbed yet, but def. busy. Not seeing any fitting rooms. Lots of racks of cashmere sweaters for $60. More prices: Jeans are $40, blazers and coats are $70, non-cashmere sweaters are $35, vests are $25, shorts are $20, swim and pjs are $10 (and non-returnable). Appears to all be sample sizes. Madewell stuff is mixed in.

11:23am: There's a giant skirt selection. I believe I see the Michelle Obama-on-Jay Leno skirt. No crewcuts to be found, but someone did bring a baby. Not only are there no dressing rooms, but they aren't letting people try things on in the corner.