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An early report from the big Diesel sale taking place in Chelsea, from a commenter: "Just got back. The sale is actually a true sample sale—these are samples, many with the awful sample stamp on the outside, but that's life. Sample jean size appeared to be 28 for women's and something likewise "in the middle" for men (as in, not teeny tiny), but I didn't see what it was. Some interesting finds to be had for sure, esp if you like a kinda out-there Diesel style (lots of jumpsuits), but a lot of it is also just weird. There was more men's than women's, and there was children's too. And some shoes (sizes I saw were from 37-39) and bags. Got some great black gold belts for $15—would have gotten more, but I didn't bring much cash. Belts were on the large side—probably men's? I saw the line for Ralph Lauren Home on the way back— jeez that looked insane." UPDATE: For those interested, here's a price list.[Racked Comments]