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Reader Rant: What's Up With Zara's Heavy Doors?

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The massive doors at the new Zara superstore in Midtown must have looked good on the drawing board, but in real life they've proven to be a real pain in the ass. A fed-up reader:

Not sure if you've covered this before, or if it's something you're interested in but...Zara opened their new branch on 5th Ave and 42nd a few weeks before Christmas I believe. Went in to check it out and almost got knocked over/pulled several muscles/died of wind exposure. They've got double doors at the entrance that are super heavy, very hard to open and the double set up seems to create this crazy wind tunnel. So everyone's struggling to get in and then get out. I was there on day 2 or 3 and thought 'ah they'll fix that glitch no doubt'. Sadly I was there during the week and witnessed a shopper complaining to the security guy who tried to hold the doors to let her escape. Seemed like even his manly strength could beat the damm crazy doors and I guess she got stuck in them. I was tempted to ask the staff 'what gives' but as I'd already asked on my first visit then..
Seriously it's like a reality show just watching everyone to struggle through them, trying to hold them for others, get the bags in. And then repeat on the way out. Isn't it hard enough to get the shoppers in these days? Basically I think it shows such arrogance and dumb thinking that some manager wouldn't spot the problem and just make everyone's life easier. Perhaps encourage shoppers to return? Or is some crazy architect shouting from above "don't change my doors"!
Perhaps they plan to keep them propped open all summer. Anyone who has struggled with the doors at Zara care to weigh in?
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