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RackedWire: Cheap Monday Pops Up at Inven.tory; Does Gilt Group Have Secret VIPs?

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NOLITA—Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday brings its skintight denim to wholesale boutique Inven.tory with a pop-up shop that launches tomorrow. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because Cheap Monday is also throwing a party for their limited-edition shredded jeans at Inven.tory tonight. The pop-up won't feature those particular jeans, but we imagine it will be a slightly more relaxed way to examine the rest of their merchandise. The shop's at 237 Lafayette between Prince and Spring; hours are 12pm to 8pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am to 7pm Sunday. [Racked Inbox; Previously]

ONLINE—Sample sale site Gilt doesn't have a public VIP membership; in fact, on their site, they promise that every piece they have is available when the sale begins. But a Racked reader writes in about mysterious shortages at the start of their sales: "I sat (loser) at 8:58 am...8:59 am....waiting for the Trina Turk sale to start at 9. I was immediately logged on and found a dress I wanted sold out already in 6 different sizes. Is there some secret way to access early or do they have a VIP membership? I've found this before on some previous sales—they're already sold out of a lot of things before the sale even starts." Thoughts? Similar experiences? To the comments section! [Racked Inbox]


237 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012