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Now Open: Zadig & Voltaire Love Their Liberté

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Rounding out the trio of new store openings on Washington and Little West 12th Street is French import Zadig & Voltaire, making this their second US location after Los Angeles. Although they just barely missed Fashion Week for their debut, there is always spring to look forward to, although our visit last night revealed a surprising glut of cashmere sweaters.

Befitting its MePa location, Zadig & Voltaire is pricey with $180 tissue-weight T-shirts and $330 scarves, and they seem to really have a thing for plastering words like "ARTIST" and "LIBERTE" across fronts and backs of any clothing worn above the waist. On the bright side, at least this is one new opening with a men's section (head to the rear of the store), even though it smells slightly of Christian Audigier if he were to tone it down to a wearable level.