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Day-Long Lanvin Sample Sale Too Good To Be True?

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Earlier this afternoon, we posted a link to an article on Refinery29's blog Pipeline about a Lanvin sample sale that was supposedly taking place on Wednesday at 230 Fifth Avenue. The sale was also reported on by DailyCandy this morning. Here's the thing, though: no one at 230 Fifth will confirm the sale. A Racked commenter:

"Strange. Called the Lanvin number provided by DailyCandy 212-920-1211, to ask if they would have bags and the woman responded that there had been talk of a Lanvin sale but there isn't one. The only sale they are hosting is the Rachel Roy sale. Please clarify as I will be pissed if I take a day off and there is no sale."
An informant also emailed Racked saying, "When you call the Lanvin S Sale # the woman who answers says there is no sale. It was talked about but decided against. What gives?"

We followed up, and were told that the company throwing the Rachel Roy sale had booked the space at 230 Fifth for a week—and that they (230 Fifth) had not heard anything about a Lanvin sale. Lanvin's offices are in Paris, and of course no one is answering there at this hour. Refinery sourced their info from the normally reliable DailyCandy, and the DC editors seem to be gone for the day as well, as our calls to their offices went straight to voicemail. So, is the sale actually happening? Should we set our alarms for 7am Tuesday night, or not? Developing....
UPDATE: Looks like it was too good to be true. From Lanvin: "LANVIN (the company) is not having a sample sale on Wednesday — we are investigating the origin of information which is currently circulating, but know that this sale is not affiliated with the company AT ALL...Perhaps there is an individual selling Lanvin merchandise at this time? It’s all very suspicious."
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