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The Nygård Rises: Canadian Fashion Superpower Swoops Onto Broadway

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Photo via Bob Egan/The Spacefinder

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Peter Nygård is an international man of mystery. According to a suspiciously brief Wikipedia entry, the Canadian fashion executive (who was born in Finland and now resides in the Bahamas) is the "owner of the Tan Jay line" and "has also captured international fashion headlines". And for the past three or so years, he has had massive 'watch this space' scaffolding for a Nygård world headquarters on Broadway between 40th and 41st Streets.

That is, until now. A friend of Racked sends the above image: an enormous 'N' has appeared, supervillain-lair-style, at 1435 Broadway. Why the delay? Nygård had to Nygård-out all six floors of Nygård world HQ. That 'N' alone must have taken some time to erect. Hopefully by the time the corporate offices/design center/showroom opens, we'll have figured out what Nygård really plans to do here in the US.
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