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Conspiracy Theories: Does Olivia Palermo Shop at Strawberry's?

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Yesterday afternoon, Cityfile ran a report from an anonymous tipster who allegedly witnessed The City queen bee Olivia Palermo exiting a certain popular teen discount store: "I spotted Olivia Palermo coming out of the Strawberry's store on Worth and Broadway and then she walked up Broadway and into her apt building on Leonard street. Tried to snap a picture but it came out blurry."

Let's examine this claim. On the one hand, perhaps Palermo was simply engaging in some recession-era frugality. On the other hand, isn't that part about the photo a bit suspicious? Why would the tipster even mention the failed attempt to take a picture—unless they were worried that no one would believe them? And why would they be insecure about their claim—unless they were making it up? You see where we're going with this: Someone is smearing socialites. Next we'll hear that the Tinz secretly loves Hot Topic. Or that Kristian Laliberte was spotted at Express Men. Or that—OK, we ran out of ideas, but we do enjoy this game, so feel free to pitch other society-type-discount-store mashups in the comments section.
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