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Spot Check: Reheating Leftovers of Rogan's Last Few Seasons

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Since we love organic clothing and breathlessly cover the changing of the signs at Rogan's Bowery store, we figured that dropping into the Rogan and Loomstate sample sale currently set up on West 36th Street couldn't hurt. Indeed it didn't...hurt our wallets. Despite being watched like a criminal, we snapped some pics of the price lists for your perusal, and although prices are low, they were much lower for the same stuff at Rogan's in-house sale last June. They'd do well to knock down the prices of the shirts and dresses to $30, as that's what we scored the same ones for way back then.

As for the total selection, earlier commenters are right on; most items are many, many seasons old and they're running low on men's smaller sizes. We did however spot some pieces that were in Barneys Co-op a hot second ago. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale, and like you, we've got our fingers crossed in hope for delicious extra discounts.

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