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Above The Fray: Gilded Age Sample Sale Rocks Reader's World

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Now this is what we like to see. A dedicated Racked tipster not only reported back from the "awesome" Gilded Age menswear sample sale on through Saturday in the East Village—he also emailed over some photos. His impression of the sale:

I just went to the Gilded Age Sample Sale, and it was one of the best shopping experiences of my life. THE DENIM IS UNBELIEVABLE and they are priced anywhere from $40-$120. The cashmere sweaters, blazers, and winter coats are also a steal. I took a picture of this one fur lined jacket that was going for a $100. Unlike most sample sales, these are actual samples, so the selection is unbelievable (1-3 pieces of every style from the past 08 winter collection). The belts are really sweet too (only $20). The staff is super sweet and its kinda dead. By the way... I'm never taking pictures of a sale for you guys again. I got some nasty looks.
All part of the thrill of the hunt, friend.
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