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Master Saks Saleswoman Found Guilty of Stealing, Sort Of

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Yesterday, the jury delivered a verdict in the trial of Cecille Villacorta, the Saks jewelry department saleswoman who was accused of bilking the store out of $1.4 million. Villacorta, according to Saks, would offer clients cash for "refunds" on expensive items that never got returned. The clients, happy with the free money, would buy more jewelry; Saks would make more in sales; Villacorta would make more in commissions; and everyone would win, except for, you know, the truth, which definitely lost around the time people started fabricating Rolexes that needed to get returned.

Clearly, it's a complicated case, and the verdict was equally complicated. Villacorta was acquitted of the charge that she stole $1.4 million, but convicted on "wrongfully receiving $48,000 in commissions," according to the Times. She'll be sentenced in late April, and she's theoretically facing 7 years in jail, but because her record is otherwise clear, she probably won't wind up spending any time in prison.
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