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In Which Lady Bunny Discovers Cavalli's Dong

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Photo via FWD

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Safely buried (until now) in a Fashion Week Daily piece about drag queen Lady Bunny's attendance at the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris, is the news that Roberto Cavalli has branched into selling dildos.

Says Lady Bunny of this curious retail find: "But they are a little small and they were black?that was unusual." Unusual indeed! First Cavalli gets his own credit card, a line of pet couture, and now it's onto sex toys. We're half-expecting Cavalli frozen TV dinners next, although we'd shrivel at the thought of a cheetah-print blondie brownie.

This gives a whole new meaning to being screwed by high fashion. Nonetheless, we think perhaps it's time to pay Cavalli a little visit...or two...or three. Click through for the semi-NSFW snap of the product in store.

[Photo via DazedDigital]

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