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Post Op-Ed: What's So Bad About Wal-Mart?

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Former Wired EIC Charles Platt's eight-page Post op-ed about his time spent "under cover" as a Wal-Mart sales associate might have been more compelling had it been published in, say, the New York Times. After all, you'd expect the conservative paper to fawn over the chain store. And Platt does fawn (he ends his epic piece with, "Wal-Mart is not the enemy. It's the best friend we could ask for.) Sadly, we city dwellers won't get to experience the Wal-Mart warmth: "Sheltered by rabble rousers who forced Wal-Mart's CEO to admit it 'wasn't worth the effort' to try to open in Queens or anywhere else in the city, New Yorkers may not fully realize the unique, irreplaceable status of the World's Largest Retailer in rural and suburban America." Our loss.
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