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How Kim's Video Collection Wound Up Moving to Sicily

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[Images via VNY and the NYT]

Mondo Kim's on St. Marks is pretty much done, but the shop's collection of obscure films has found a new home in Salemi, an ancient, crumbling town in western Sicily. This weekend's Times has three pages on exactly how this came about, but we'll summarize: Basically, Salemi is a crazy, awesome artists' colony with an anarchist mayor—the kind of place where there's room in the city government for an "alderman of nothing," who is, of course, a career performance artist. Recently an "itinerant graduate sociology student" and Kim's fan brought the homeless video collection to the town's attention, and now all 55,000 movies are being shipped across the Atlantic to their new home. The whole story is strange enough to be worth a read, but Curbed really zeroed in on the key quote, from a Salemi resident: "Salemi is the future. New York is the past. That's why Kim's is coming here."
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