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RackedWire: Ghost Bikes at Macy's; McDonalds at Fashion Week

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[Image via Gothamist]

HERALD SQUARE—A ghost bike is a bicycle spray-painted white and chained to a public space as a memorial to the biker who was run over there. Perhaps you know this already, given that a) there are ghost bikes all over the city and b) when DKNY used similar orange-painted bikes as part of a publicity stunt, it caused a bit of a scandal. Macy's, however, clearly doesn't know about the ghost bikes, or else they wouldn't have used white-painted bikes in their in-store Valentine's Day displays. Asks Gothamist: "Perhaps the Macy's Herald Square location is a heretofore unknown death trap for cyclists, and this is their way of paying respect?" [Gothamist]

BRYANT PARK—Here's the thing about Fashion Week: There's no food there. Theoretically you can get sandwiches at 'wichcraft, but only if you have the time, and with all those shows to go to, who has the time? That's why we're somewhat relieved to learn that the McDonald's coffee being served this year will be smothered in whipped cream. You laugh now, but in a week the entire fashion industry will be running on nothing but caffeine, chocolate syrup, and whatever Cool-Whip substitute Mickey D's employs to make those things. [Racked Inbox]


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