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Coupons Make A Comeback

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The concept of coupons may sound archaic, but in this economy they’re as practical as ever. Take “coupon wonk Ashley Nuzzo, creator of Frugal Coupon Mom” for instance. The woman saves $1,500 a month thanks to her coupon clipping habit. According to the US News, “in December, for example, she spent $711 on groceries and saved $1,500. (Because her family doesn't need $2,200 of groceries, she donates much of what she brings home.)” And grocery stores aren’t the only places offering coupons. Today, on its website, H&M is offering a 20% off coupon off one item of your choice. It's good for use in its US and Canadian stores from Feb. 5 to Feb. 13, making figuring out where to go Valentine’s Day shopping this year that much easier.
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