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In the Window: Live Birds At Partners & Spade

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A Racked tipster has alerted us to over a dozen live birds currently being housed in the windows of NOHO design studio Partners & Spade, a spot Urban Daddy recently referred to as "Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti's new crazyspace and pop-art flea market on Great Jones." Of the installation, our tipster had this to say:

"Maybe you want to call out some jerks? The window of the new housewares store Partners and Spade at 40 Great Jones St. between Bowery and Lafayette has about 15 LIVE BIRDS in it. They keep the lights on most of the night, so the little guys don't have any natural sleep cycle, and we watched them for an hour crashing into the glass repeatedly, especially these little red ones. Also, their food and water are on the floor of the window display so it is becoming contaminated with droppings. Disgusting. People are getting annoyed at the cruelty and let's face it, how NOT green is this? Can you say 'Eww.'" [Racked Inbox]