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Above The Fray: Zachary's Smile Knows From Bargain Basement

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Vintage boutique Zachary's Smile is having a massive "attic sale" the basement of a space near their boutique at 303 Mulberry Street. When we arrived on-scene at 1pm, aka go time, we found the doors still locked—downstairs, sales associates were still frantically unboxing and pricing merchandise. (It's our understanding that they'll continue to restock.) As soon as they opened the doors, women began steadily trickling in.

Many of the prices rival those at Goodwill—there are racks of dresses and a box of pants near the entrance for $10 apiece, bins of vintage heels for $15 per pair, and more dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, sweaters and coats priced from $5 to $30. Reworked vintage pieces, and the boutique's house line, run a bit higher. One drawback of this sale is the fitting room situation: there aren't any, although staffers have scattered mirrors about the space. If you plan on heading over, prepare for public disrobing and a lot of digging through boxes.
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