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Above the Fray: Stuart & Wright Sale an Unexpected Source of Obedient Sons Merch

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[Image via the Choosy Beggar]

Their line officially shut down last month, but Obedient Sons hasn't entirely left New York's shoppingscape. Menswear blogger the Choosy Beggar discovered their leftover stock at Fort Greene boutique Stuart & Wright, which happens to be holding a sample sale until this upcoming Sunday. The Beggar notes "an impressive selection, including several truly rock-bottom deals"—shirts from Obedient Sons for $40, a Unis peacoat (apparently's "peacoat of the year") for $120, and pants from Piles of Mason for only $25. He's less impressed by the shoes, but who needs to look at shoes when you're buying the peacoat of the year? doesn't give awards to just anyone, after all.
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