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RackedWire: Meet the "Panty-Christ," Potential New Bravo Contestant; Alex & Chloe's Valentine's Day Mix

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[Behold the panty-Christ (right). Image via Bravo]

THE INTERNET—Bravo is about to start filming a new reality series called the Fashion Show (presumably because the title "OMG We Just Want Project Runway Back" was too unwieldy.) But before the filming begins, they need to decide between two final contestants, so they're turning to the collective wisdom of the fashion blogosphere. Readers, you have two choices: Andrew, a 35-year-old Californian "gaylebrity" (his term) who is apparently known as "the panty-Christ" (also his term), and Elise, a 24-year-old Chicagoan who took time off from her business to help care for her sick mother. That's right: They're making you choose between a hardworking barely-out-of-college kid with a family who needs her support, and a guy who calls himself the panty-Christ. Cast your lot with either good or evil at the Bravo website. [Bravo]

THE INTERNET—Order over $200 worth of goods from jewelers Alex & Chloe, and you'll get a free Valentine's Day mix from iTunes for youself or your honey. Be warned, though: The list of songs includes "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", so don't send it to anyone you don't want to marry immediately. [Racked Inbox]