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How Much Is That Doggy In the Window?

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This recession isn't just hurting everyone from the white collar to blue collar, but it's even affecting the leather collars. We're talking about dogs, not bears, and we saw the sadness in the puppy eyes at the West Village's Groom-o-Rama.

In the economy, people aren't considering purchasing a new teacup poodle or shih tzu and all of the accessories they require, and this leaves pet stores with a glut of animals. Groom-o-Rama has launched a 20% sale on their dogs, a sign which definitely stands out from among other boutiques' pleas. As they can't exactly send their overstock to TJ Maxx, a sale is reasonable. But let's face it, strolling by 20% off baby pugs and poodles isn't brightening anyone's day.