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Bryant Park Corp. Evicts Fashion Week

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has overstayed its welcome in Bryant Park. According to the Times, fashion editors, designers and the flock of followers that clog the park twice yearly will have to commute to Lincoln Center starting in 2010.

In 2006, the Bryant Park Corporation decided it had had enough of the event, which completely takes over the green space for a week in September and in February. At that time, Anna Wintour appealed to Mayor Bloomberg to let the show go on, and a temporary stay of execution was granted. Every year after that, there have been rumors concerning relocation. It seems that this time, those rumors will be confirmed. Lincoln Center, while not as inconvenient as Chelsea Piers (the home of Fashion Week in 1997), does present some problems: "It is not clear whether IMG hopes to recreate the tents on the plaza at Lincoln Center or use nearby buildings for additional space, but a feasibility study done in 2006 suggested staging tents on opposite sides of the New York State Theater with a corridor winding between them, meaning guests might have to walk the equivalent of a city block between each show." All the better to work off that 'wichcraft sandwich?
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