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Collabs: McQueen For Target's Ghost Town

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Time used to be that a high-low collaboration like McQueen for Target would be snapped up within hours of hitting a store selling floor. But surprisingly, the just-released collaboration has yet to sell out at the Atlantic Center Target in Brooklyn. In fact, aside from a cute cropped black blazer and multi-colored bubble skirt, almost every item was available in a range of sizes.

While we liked McQueen's studded gray jeans, cuffed shorts, and appreciated the faux leather vest and exposed zippers on the mesh dresses, we were confused by a lot of the garments. Mostly, the pink and black geometric rectangle-print tunic (with an included optical illusion) that was passed off as a dress, and the homecoming-like strapless blue and green frock patterned with skulls and mermaids. Those were items that we didn’t see flying off the racks. Regardless, the section is worth a visit; at the very least, they might restock and you could fight with other Target shoppers over a blazer or something. Right now, though, it’s pretty quiet over there.—Jake Goicoechea
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