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Hollister Replacement for DKNY's Soho Wall Revealed!

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It's taken them nearly a year to get their ducks in a row, but in conjunction with our community-board-attending colleagues at Curbed, here's the dramatic reveal Abercrombie & Fitch's design for the wall at 600 Broadway—the art that will replace the iconic DNKY billboard that's graced the corner for nearly two decades. The real shocker? The simple, eroticism-free design motif, which reps say is necessitated by the historic district's guidelines. They plan to cover the wall in "historically appropriate" gray hues, with the Hollister logo discreetly centered on the right side of the building. Such restraint! Why, we're almost disappointed. (Meantime, the Hollister store itself at 600 Broadway? We're still hearing July for opening. Stay tuned.)
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