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The Alternative Side of Fashion Week

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[Odyn Vovk looks and fan images by Molly Crabapple at Coilhouse]

In the midst of all the big designer shows in the Tents and the hyped to-dos around the city, often it's the smaller name, niche designers who get overlooked. Over at Coilhouse, however, they're working on a guide to "Fashion Week During the Apocalypse," whose first part is completely in praise of Odyn Vovk, a newcomer to both New York and to Fashion Week.

"Neutral-toned, face-obscuring, post-apocalyptic Odyn Vovk (Ukrainian for “One Wolf”)" is a label created by Austin Sherbanenko, who is inspired by heavy metal music and Japanese everyday wear (like the face masks rendered in waxed kangaroo leather). The line reminds us of Rick Owens, but is nicely on our shores, where what we need right now are some serious "zombie-slaying clothes." All in all, Coilhouse has turned over a rock at Fashion Week to shed some light on one of the oft-overlooked presenters. We can't wait for their "Part Two, Where Coilhouse Reveals (and Subverts!) The Vicious Social Hierarchies Inside The Bryant Park Tents!"
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