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Offsite: Rosé Musings in the Mansion of Leifsdottir

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We should have gotten the hint from the feather invitation that this presentation of Anthropologie's luxe line, Leifsdottir, would look to a more vintage, feather headband-filled aesthetic. In a generic building in the Garment District, we stepped out of a plain elevator and into the musty mansion of Miss Havisham of Great Expectations crossed with the music video for Electric Six's "Danger High Voltage." If those aren't obscure enough references for you, then continue on for our rosé-induced musings below.

Although the official inspiration for the line is the medieval church and monastery of Mont Saint-Michel in France, what actually came through was something more modern, more 18th-century decrepit palais in Paris with a view of the Opéra Garnier. That said, the looks were rich and wearable, as they will actually be stocked at Anthropologie (with high price points) for Fall 2009. To showcase all of the looks, models would emerge every so often and pose throughout the room, effectively trailing photographers and the rest of the party behind them. Luckily, we bounced just as people starting eating the food props.