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Offsite: Hayden-Harnett's Seventies Gatsby

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Brooklyn-based clothing and accessories label Hayden-Harnett debuted their new collection in an understated room at the Chelsea Hotel last night, styling the space and models in a Great Gatsby-set-in-the-1970’s kind of way. The quirky clothes, shoes and accessories were strewn about the candle-lit room, with models looking like bored girlfriends who got dressed for a night out on the town, but then decided to stay in and eat junk food instead.

The leather bags and wallets didn’t stray too far from the designer’s last collection, ornamented with a fair amount of gold and silver metal studs, and other cute embellishments such as fringe. The clothes were all fairly basic, with pea coats, dresses, and such; and in terms of color we saw a lot of slate gray, purple, and taupe, sometimes color-blocked on a more basic black garment. As for the shoes, they were all pretty fun, with heels and boots in an assortment of colored leather and suede. Overall, a nice showing from the Greenpoint-based design team. We hope that those girls partied afterward—after all, one can only eat so many cheeseballs.—Jake Goicoechea