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It's Back! Burger King's "Flame" Fragrance Wants to Be Your Valentine

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Remember back just before Christmas, when all the Burger King wanted from you was a sexy cuddle by the fireplace? Back in December, oddly risque ads were placed on selected Ricky's locations around the city to promote the Burger King fragrance "Flame," designed to smell like a flame-broiled burger. The $3.99 fragrance made the perfect gag gift, and soon Manhattan was suffering from a serious drought of the curious stuff.

Never fear, for the King has heard your pleas for more meat-scented perfume, and in the name of Valentine's Day, he has bestowed a few new batches onto the Ricky's of the city. Again we checked the Ricky's on 8th Street in the Village, but the NYU kids had grabbed it all already. Should you be hankering for a little piece of the King, we suggest heading straight to the cashier at Ricky's on Broadway and White Street in Tribeca, where a small display remains. Now pair it with some bacon-flavor mints and you're all set for a truly carnivorous good time.

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