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Now Open Again: Scoop It Up Finally Brings Back the Discounts

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[Image via the Shophound]

This past fall, during what will surely go down in history as the Great Sales of 2008, MePa megaretailer Scoop seemed strangely out of touch. While giants like Saks were selling off their stock at discounts of 75%, Scoop offered shoppers a measly 25% off—the sales equivalent of a ten-cent tip. Eventually they did get wise and raise the discount to 40-60%, but it took longer than one might expect.

We bring up this ancient history because the Shophound has noticed the return of Scoop It Up, the chain's clearance store, which used to occupy a spot at Broadway and Spring Street. It closed when the lease ran out, but it's back, now as part of the Washington Street block o' Scoops in the Meatpacking District. "The new clearance shop has plenty of women's clothes and shoes and whatever is left of the children's stock but, unfortunately, no menswear," reports the Shophound, adding that you'll have to do some digging to find anything good. Opening a clearance shop seems an appropriately strong response to the current economy, but we can't help but think this might have made more sense three months ago.
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