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Hangover Observations: Eating Burgers Backstage with MCM

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The key to getting fed at Fashion Week is to get backstage, as that's where all the real goodies get passed out and where the celebs indulge their private pop rocks addictions. Last night, we actually enjoyed some free Pop Burgers in the most unlikely of all places: the W Hotels' backstage lounge during a party for luxury brand MCM.

You may be familiar with MCM, or Mode Creation Munich, as it has a small boutique inside of the shops at The Plaza Hotel. Nonetheless, it's huge in Asia and so this party is understandably being thrown to increase the visibility of their itty bitty US presence.

In addition to the sliders, we spotted plus-size model Whitney Thompson, winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10, and Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine, who kept looking at us like we were about to take his picture when we totally had no intention of doing so. All in all, it was an odd evening, and if we are to judge anything from this it's that New York can except some more MCM exposure in the future.